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  • Are you tired of training marketing agencies, graphic designers & printers on healthcare referral forms?


    We were too.

  • PhysicianReferralPads.com was created

    by healthcare for healthcare

    The simple difference that makes all the difference.

    $99-$249 design

    STAT delivery


    Strategy + Design + Printing

    Beautiful design

    Value-driving strategy

    2-day design turnaround

    Great pricing

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  • Our Pricing

    Print Pricing at Rates Comparable to Online Printers

    Like it or not, we knew when we launched physicianreferralpads.com that people would compare us to online printers - prospective clients would have no way to place a value on the strategy and thought we put into our products before placing a purchase.


    So we asked - What if?

    What if ...we could offer print prices competitive to those of huge online printers?

    What if... we could also provide our healthcare clients with built-in strategy consulting and design options?

    What if...if we cost-effectively design and print most any healthcare "paper" that our clients need?


    It's not an easy task, but we continue to beat the pricing of huge companies like printpps and Vistaprint - and provide so much more with no hidden fees.

    Ask us about creating or printing any of your healthcare "paper" - we'd be honored to provide you a quote!

    How do our prices compare? | Referral Pad Price Comparison Tool

    Our Referral Pad Price Comparison Tool is an Excel-based tool that allows you to select a competitor from a drop-down menu or enter prices yourself for any competitor. For security purposes, we do charge a small fee for the file download.

  • The Simple Difference that Makes All the Difference

    We focus all of our efforts on creating solutions for the one industry we know really well - healthcare.

    This allows us to create products that truly provide value and optimize operations.

    It also makes us completely different than anything else on the market.

    No one does what we do - it's the simple difference that makes all the difference.

  • Custom Referral Form Design. Referral Pad Printing.

    for healthcare

    Independent Practices | Corporate Healthcare Entities

  • Why PhysicianReferralPads.com is the leader in

    Referral Form Design & Healthcare Printing Services

    Have a pain point in your practice? Please share it with me directly at cynthia@physicianreferralpads.com
    We are always working to create new solutions that make private practice easier and less expensive for doctors.

    Submissions remain confidential and are used to ensure we continue to create value-driving automations, templates and solutions. -Cynthia Heinz, Founder

    1. We treat your practice as if it were our own.

    Our passion is healthcare. We strive to deliver a truly unbeatable product so that we can earn your business for years to come.

    2. We ship your referral pads for free!

    *Shipping only available within the continental US

    3. We have lightning fast turn-around.

    Referral form design proofs are turned around within 2 business days.

    4. We save you time and money!

    We have spent years perfecting what to put in your referral form so that you don't have to! We also make it easy to compare our prices to competitors through a downloadable Excel file Price Comparison Tool. See more details on the Excel tool from this link (opens in new page): Referral Pad Price Comparison Tool

    5. We customize your referral form to meet your needs.

    Our designers look at your website and customize the entire look and feel of your referral form to match your brand. You can make special requests when you submit your order & you can always have us edit anything after we send you the initial proof.

    6. We think about your referring doctors, their referral coordinators, your staff and your patients.

    Ever thought of having a Practice-Friendly Front & a Patient-Friendly back? We did!

    7. Our digital healthcare referral forms are high-resolution files built in Adobe with fillable form fields.

    Our forms can be easily uploaded to your website so that new referring providers can download and go!

  • Want to Know Our Specs?

    You betcha!

    Referral Pad Specifications:

    • 25 sheets per pad
    • 75# paper
    • cardboard backing
    • Size: 8.5" x 11" or 5.5" x 8.5"
    • 2-sided printing or front-only
    • Order Quantity: 10, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2400, 4000
    Design Fee Includes:
    • Referral form planning from experienced medical marketer
    • Fonts, colors & graphic design to complement your brand
    • No up-charges for maps, bios, or other custom referral form elements
    • Graphic design
    Printing Fee Includes:
    • Printing
    • No up-charges for full color or full bleed
    • Shipping is always free!

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    Did you know that the average referral pad order

    weighs over 500 pounds?


    Don't sweat it!

    We ship in small boxes

    and ship for free!



    When you know


    medical specialties

    referral patterns

    patient intake

    clinic schedules

    healthcare forms

    insurance plans


    You can deliver STAT

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